SportFreak FAN-tastic Top 5 Sports Themed Cakes & Cookies #1!!!!!!!!


The Gods Of SportFreak were sent here with one mission iphone version 7.0.2 spy software and one mission only, to save the world from the horrifically evil, unfathomably appalling abomination of crappy sportswear and to help every sports fan be the best SportFreak he (or SHE!) can be! And although they are prone to frequent bouts of deviation from this purpose, the Gods Of SportFreak have once again succeeded in bringing you this week’s Extra SportFreaky, Frappuccino Flavor Frosted, Sugar Induced Sweet Toothed, FAN-tastic Top 5 Sports Themed Cakes & Cookies!!!!!

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baseball cupcake

#5 — Looking for a little little league bake sale inspiration? Baseball cupcakes are guaranteed to be a grand slam!!!!


#4 — Drive down the lane for a sugary slam dunk right into a ice cold glass of milk. Swoosh!!! Splash!!!!! YUMMMMM!!!!!!


#3 — These cookies are a kick for any fan of football, American or otherwise. And unlike their life-like spy on my childs phone without touching it counterparts, you’ll enjoy a mouth full of these!!!! Touchdown!!!! (or spy app for mobile phones without installing software on target phone for the rest of the world) GOOOOOALLLLL!!!!


#2 — Hazards have never been this delicious. This hole features brown sugar traps, blue frosting ponds, and coconut rough… You’ll be full before you mobilespy.piz even make it to the green. FORE!!!!!


#1 — We don’t have a shirt design for this sport yet but we got the cake covered!!!!! It’s best mobile hidden android spy app Willy Wonka Land meets X-Games in this chocolate mountain motocross note 3 spy software monstrosity!!!! So drop your helmets and grab your napkins, IT’S GO TIME!!!!!

Thanks to the folks at for these great ideas!!!!


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