SportFreak FAN-tastic Top 5 Most Expensive Sports Tickets #1!!!!!!!


The Gods Of SportFreak were sent here with one mission and one mission only, to save the world from the horrifically evil, unfathomably appalling abomination of crappy sportswear and to help every sports fan be the best SportFreak he (or SHE!) can be! And although they are prone to frequent bouts of deviation from this purpose, the Gods Of SportFreak have once again succeeded in bringing you this week’s Extra SportFreaky, Better Get a Paper Route, Sorry Kids We Spent Your College Money, FAN-tastic Top 5 Most Expensive Sports Tickets!!!!!!


#5 — 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medal Hockey Match
$5,000 General Admission
Canadians paying $5k to watch their own team play, in Canada, seems a little crazy. Hockey is as Canadian as maple syrup, freezing cold weather, and moose (meese?) For those that forked out the dough, it was worth every penny. Canada took the gold, eh!!!!


#4 — 2011 Bowl Championship Series
$15,000 Front Row Club Seat
Ticket brokers oversold the event and chaos ensued. Tickets that had a face value of $300 were selling for an average of $4,000 apiece in the two weeks prior to the event. You’d expect free hot dogs would be included for that price but no such luck. Instead, many people that paid for tickets were notified that said tickets were already bought by someone else. BUMMER!!!!


$200,000 for Luxury Suite for 25
Grab 24 of you closest friends and you have the ultimate sports party!!!
If you don’t have 24 friends worthy of such awesomeness or your budget is a bit tight, prime seats in the “100 section” were $9000. Still out of your price range?? Search your couch cushions and sell your vintage stamp collection, cuz $1,500 bucks will get you a tailgating ticket… not into the game, mind you, just into the parking lot party!!!!!



$441,000 Opening Event Ceremonies
If that’s too rich for your blood, seats at the most popular events only cost $8,800. A bit cheaper than the Super Bowl except for the fact they only sell seats in blocks of ten!!!!! Ordering a $30 dollar pizza and watching at home sounds like a heck of a bargain!!!!


#1 — New York Yankee Legends Suites
$600,000 to $1,000,000!!!!
If you want to occupy one of the 122 front-row seats and suites that line the field, be prepared to shell out $2,500 per seat… Not too bad you say? Here’s the catch: You have to lease Legends Suite seats for 3,5,7, or 10 years at a time. A 5 year lease rounds out to 1 million dollars! HOLY JALAPENO NACHOS, THAT’S A LOT OF CHEESE!!!!



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