SportFreak FAN-tastic Top 5 BACON FORTIFIED Thanksgiving Recipes #1!!!!!!!


The Gods Of SportFreak were sent here with one mission and one mission only, to save the world from the horrifically evil, unfathomably appalling abomination of crappy sportswear and to help Burberry Scarf every sports fan be the best SportFreak he (or SHE!) can be! And although they are prone to frequent bouts of deviation from this purpose, the Gods Of SportFreak have once again succeeded in bringing you this week’s Extra SportFreaky, Bacon-polooza, Pig-Tastic, FAN-tastic Top 5 BACON FORTIFIED Thanksgiving Recipes!!!!


Want the recipe?!?!?!  *CLICK* on the pic!!!!!!!


bacon squash

#5 — Even the most avid loather of squash will have seconds of this Burberry Scarf sale tasty appetizer!!! Is it just us or is everything better with bacon?!?!?!


deviled eggs

#4 — What Thanksgiving spread would be complete without deviled eggs?
None that we can think of!!!! Baconize your deviled eggs with this amazing recipe!!!



#3 — Asparagus + Bacon and you have a recipe for success!! This almost Burberry Scarf uk foolproof combo is quick and easy to make. Everyone will eat their greens this Thanksgiving!!!!


cheese cake

#2 — In addition to seconds and Burberry sale thirds of pie, add these into your dessert buffet for a memorable, delicious treat. Mini bacon cheesecakes will leave you wondering why you hadn’t thought of this before!!!!



#1 — This Thanksgiving, give your turkey the gift of BACON!!! Nothing says, “I LOVE MY TURKEY” than encasing said turkey in Burberry uk outlet a delightful blanket of bacony goodness!!! Bon Appetit, Pilgrims!!!!



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