Whether you’re an air guitar wizard, garage band phenomenon, or doing your 10,000,000th year of touring with The Stones, we’ve got you covered! Get Your ROKKR Out!

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The ROKKR Story

Back in the day when boring apparel dominated the planet, a hip young six string picker had an experience. The music fan was grinding his axe, when all of a sudden his amps went up to 11. Instead of practicing a new lick, he felt as though he was headlining a Monsters of Rock tour in the early 80’s. Through the haze and sunset light, an unknown roadie was off stage trying frantically to get his attention. “DUDE! DUDE! That shirt sucks ___!” Our guitar hero realized he was not representing his inner self in accordance with the “give it all” law of the stage. As our friend soared through a closing lead, he turned his back to the crowd and lip synched, “What do I do” to the roadie. To this the roadie yelled back,”Set break”. As the song ended, the lead vocalist told jokes while the fret meister ran back stage and grabbed a new axe, along with a matching shirt from the new stage hand. There was “mass crowd freakout” by the appearance of the new improved ROKKR as he appeared back on stage hammering on an intro to the next set. As he drifted into that special place, he looked over to the roadie and saw Jimi, Randy, and Darrel standing there instead. He thought out loud to them “THANKS GUYS”. They gave the cheers sign back, and laughed as they vanished into the smog machine fire. Our ROKKR crossed the bridge from fantasy to reality and never did come back. Who knows what really happened; but it appears that this, my friends, is how the ROKKR shirt came to be. Strait from the Gods of Metal themselves to the mortal ROKKR here on earth!

What’s a ROKKR?

We are THE MUSICIANS……Without arranged sound there would be no path. Without a note there would be no place to begin. Without rhythm there would be no soul. Within the music we can all agree. We are the music people. WE ARE ROKKR!

ROKKR Pronunciation: rok ər
n. 1. A person who takes part in or is a fan of the rock music genre.