Whether you’re a bait dunker, noodler, or fishin’ on the pro-tour, we’ve got you covered! Get HOOKED on REEL2SCALE graphic action!

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Back in the day when boring apparel dominated the planet, a hard core fish head had a vision. The angler was painting lures in his garage when the sound of a screaming reel drag filled the room. As the noise ebbed and flowed, an old man with a pipe appeared holding a huge stringer of fish. Clearly this fellow was from a “before catch and release” era. As the angler marveled at his catch, he barraged the old spirit guide with all sorts of questions ranging from “Have you ever been Taimen fishing in Mongolia” to “What’s your favorite bass lure in cold, muddy water” and “Please, please, please help me catch more fish”. After a few minutes of this a “broken line” sound popped and shattered the mood. The old spirit simply looked up from under his tattered hat and muttered “Shut up and fish”. “What?” Our confused angler asked. “Nothin”, the guide responded quietly. “You see those fancy lures in your tackle box, and all those new-fangled fish locaters, and those computer designed rods, reels, and lines? They won’t help you, pal. You need to be the quarry. You must put yourself in the real world of the scaled ones. Your mind must be immersed in the water in which you cast. You must be alluring in yourself. You must be the buzzbait, the deep diver, the dry fly, the plastic worm, the wooly bugger, and the bead head.” Upon hearing this, our angler began to understand what Rick Clunn had told him in the 70’s. Now he would be completely HOOKED on his new path of seeing things REEL2SCALE. That, my friends, is how the HOOKED and REEL2SCALE shirts came to be. Direct from the Energy of Bent Rod Ben himself to the mortals HOOKED on REEL2SCALE here on earth!


We are THE FISH HEADS! …… FISH PEOPLE know the water that gives us life, and the life within the water. ANGLERS know patience, persistence, appreciation of all time alive, and fragility of the thin line that connects us to life. We are addicted to the purest and most primitive means of survival and the path of learning. We are HOOKED on REEL2SCALE!

REEL2SCALE Pronunciation: Rēl•tu•Scāl
n. 1. True to life’s artistic rendition of fish
HOOKED Pronunciation: hʊkt
adj. 1. Captivated by or devoted to a custom or thing.