• Ace of Spades

PLAYER! ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Whether you’re a rounder, playing Saturday night with friends, or just got some game in your blood, we’ve got you covered! Let Your PLAYER Out!

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The PLAYER Story

Back in the day when boring apparel dominated the planet, an avid card fan had a vision. The fan was at an empty card table shuffling when a well-dressed stranger appeared. When the stranger spoke, he inquired “You’re quite the sporting card enthusiast aren’t you?” Upon hearing this question our boy retorted “The term is ‘Player’, dawg. You in for a hand or are you just watchin’?” The stranger eloquently replied, “Ah yes, my dear Player. I see your raise is hot and fast, but your threads are lackin’ class.” Just as the Player turned around in his seat, the stranger disappeared in a cigar smoke haze, and a feeling of comfort and smoothness embraced the Player like he’d never felt before. It seemed even the wait staff noticed this new coolness as they stole a few more glances his way. But when the striking rounder that sat down beside our Player complimented “Nice shirt, stranger”, it was clear the Player had been called upon by River Shark Ray, the Spirit Of Hold ‘em. That, my friends, is how the PLAYER shirt came to be. Strait from celebrity Spirit of Hold ‘em, River Shark Ray himself to the mortal Players here on earth!

What’s a PLAYER?

We are THE CARD PEOPLE ……Without Lady Luck there would be no hope. Without a fold there would be no way out. Without The River there would be no opportunity. When there’s a Royal Flush, all the s**t stops! We are the card people, WE ARE PLAYER!

PLAYER Pronunciation: pláy ər
n. 1. A person who takes part or is skilled in some game. 2. A gambler