SportFreak FAN-tastic Top 5 Unique Beers #1!!!!!!!!


The Gods Of SportFreak were sent here with one mission and one mission only, to save the world from the horrifically evil, unfathomably appalling abomination of crappy sportswear and to help every sports fan be the best SportFreak he (or SHE!) can be! And although they are prone to frequent bouts of deviation from this purpose, the Gods Of SportFreak have once again succeeded in bringing you this week’s Extra SportFreaky, Habanero Headed, Hellacious Hopped Up, FAN-tastic Top 5 Unique Beers!!!!!


#5 — Grandma’s Pecan Brown from The Dude’s Brewing Company serves up some brown ale just like grandma would have made. The roasted pecan flavor will drive you nuts with delight!!!


#4 — Kelpie Seaweed Ale. Scottish brewers, Williams Brothers Brewing Company, blend Bladderwrack seaweed with organic barley to make this sea worthy suds. Sounds like sushi in a bottle!!! Yum!!!


#3 — OBF 26 hails from Eugene, Oregon’s Oakshire Brewing Company. Over 26 different ingredients where combined to create this beer. An even more catchier name could have been “Everything But the Kitchen Sink”. Although after a few rounds it would sound more like “Evverbodies kitten stinks”. On second thought, OBF 26 is a perfect name!!


#2 — Homo Erectus brewed in Stevenson, Wa. This brewsky is aptly named to celebrate the two millionth year of walking upright. A hearty “Cheers” to you, mankind!!!! With an Indian Pale Ale like this, we might have climbed out of the trees sooner!!!

beard beer

#1 — Beard Beer. Yep, that’s right. Rouge Ales brewmaster John Maier cultivated this brew from yeast growing in his own beard! “Excuse me, bartender. There’s a hair in my beer.” “Oh, that’s normal? OK!!!!”




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