SportFreak FAN-tastic Top 5 Cheerleaders #1!!


The Gods Of SportFreak were sent here with one mission and one mission only, to save the world from the horrifically evil, unfathomably appalling abomination of crappy sportswear and to help every sports fan be the best SportFreak he (or SHE!) can be! And although they are prone to frequent bouts of deviation from this purpose, the Gods Of SportFreak have once again succeeded in bringing you this week’s SportFreakalicious, extra-pepper, double french fries, SportFreak FAN-tastic Top 5 Cheerleaders #1!!


It’s a well-known fact that the Three B’s of Sports (Beer, Brats and Pom-Poms) are the fuel that keeps us SportFreaks so sporting! Thank you, Broncos’ Cheerleaders!!


Each of those girls are #1 in our book!! Texan Cheerleaders ROCK!!!


These cheerleaders have team spirit AND holiday spirit! SO MUCH SPIRIT, we can hardly take our eyes away!! Christmas, featuring the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders!!


What’s the only thing better than a cheerleader? A SUPER CHEERLEADER!!! Super-SportFreaks rejoice! The Tennesee Titans Cheerleaders are here to save the day!!


Without Beer, pom-poms and Florida’s favorite marine mammal football just wouldn’t be the same!! Dolphins Cheerleaders do some FAN-tastic flips of their own!!


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  1. Cejuc says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all! Maybe one of these days I’ll get to attend. I would luv to meet and greet some of my fvtarioe authors. When is the next one?nn1

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