Extra Special SportFreak Product Launch with Introductory Promo Code!!!!


KGS Artwear News ISSUE NO. 1

“Get Your SportFreak On”

Welcome to the very first KGS Artwear/SportFreak newsletter! When we say “Get Your SportFreak On”, we don’t just mean we want you to wear our cool shirts, we mean we want you to be chillaxin to the maximum whether than means gettin rowdy on the 50yd line with your college buddies or watchin the game at home with your significant other and the kids. Of course wearing the coolest sports apparel around will help!


At KGS Artwear, we want you to “Get Your SportFreak On” responsibly! All KGS Artwear products are “Made In USA”. For us, that means all the fabric printing and assembly happens in the United States of America, as well as all the marketing, management, and product development. .


Football fields, Soccer fields, baseball outfields, golf greens, basketball…Uh, basketball….well, uh, the point is that sports are dependent on green. Heck, we’re ALL dependant on green! The Dye Sublimation print process is a very “Green Friendly” process that uses water based ink and recycled/recycle-able paper. No harmful chemicals, dyes or excessive water usage is needed for the process.



There is an amazing amount of cool sports fan stuff available on our website! Stop by and find everything from the top 5 most popular sporting event snack foods to crazy videos, video games, sports scores, chances to win free SportFreak shirts/schwag, and of course, the Gods Of SportFreak comic strip!




Sports provide a unique opportunity for people of all ages to acquire physical, social and personal benefits that can help them throughout their lives. Additionally, sports participation has been associated with a lower drop out rate at the high school level that ultimately has profound social and economic impacts for students and their communities.





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  2. Nathan Webb says:

    I am so excited for this launch! These are great shirts. Craig didn’t cut any corners on quality.  He demanded perfection from the whole KGS team, and it shows in these shirts. Check them out and order one today.

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